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How Long Should You Wait for Your Dream Job?

In a recent interview, entrepreneur Gary Cardone tells about an experience he had in his twenties. He’d been selling–of all things–bananas … which, to say the least, was not a good fit for him. So he quit. Most of us would be hesitant to take that kind of blind leap, but Cardone considered quitting a

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Dos and Don’ts If You Get Laid Off or Fired

In the Holmes and Rahe stress scale, being dismissed from a job is in the Top 10 most stressful events. Anyone who’s gone through it can relate. For anyone who hasn’t gone through–or is going through it now–we’ve compiled a few dos and don’ts to be aware of in the beginning. DO: Strap Down Your

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Build Your Resume to Get a Job as a Fraud Analyst

Merchants, consumers and banking institutions are facing increased rates of fraud. With increased fraud rates, merchants are suffering from losses as high as $279 for every $100 of actual fraud. Consumers deal with stolen identities, damaged credit reports, and the hassle of setting up new accounts after an identity breach. You might want to consider

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Erectile Dysfunction Doctors: 5 Tips to Enhance Your Resume

Competition in the health care industry is fierce—and men’s health is no exception. In fact, often times, it is more challenging to get a job as a low T professional or a doctor who treats erectile dysfunction because of the stigmata associated with these health conditions. Patients need a special brand of compassion, and doctors

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Chargebacks911 Review: Business Essentials for Entrepreneurs

A group of entrepreneurs from The Parachute Group recently sat down with some of the experts from Chargebacks911™ to talk about the fact that what you don’t know, actually can hurt you. We enjoyed the opportunity to learn about some of the pitfalls that entrepreneurs can encounter and wanted to share our Chargebacks911 review with

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How to Create an Online Career Portfolio

The days of the one page resume stapled to a job application are over. Employers are looking for candidates who have not only the skills they need for a particular job, but the experience necessary to perform the job. To land that new job you’ve been wishing for, start building an online career portfolio to

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