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Top Tips for Making Yourself Hirable

Sure, you’re a hard worker. And you’re good at what you do. But in today’s job market, unfortunately, that’s not enough to stand out. When recruiters (or worse, computers) have to sift through slush-piles of  resumes for every position, they’re going to need something beyond the same-old “same-old” that everyone else is saying. Being hirable

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In Defense of the Humble Cover Letter

When it comes to job-hunting, no single tool is as important as your resume. That doesn’t mean you should neglect other elements of your search, such as a social media presence and active networking; that’s pretty much a given. But there is one part of the job search that is getting less and less attention…

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Laid Off? Clean Up!

Nobody, of course, wants to lose their job—especially when it was “nothing personal.” But it happens: one day you’re employed, the next day you’re sitting at home watching reruns on The Game Show Channel. Life isn’t fair, as the saying goes: wear a helmet. There’s no point being Pollyanna about it, but there’s nothing to

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Is Accepting Praise Part of Getting Hired?

You’re in the middle of your second interview. You’re feeling positive about things, but the job isn’t yours yet. The interviewer mentions some high, difficult goal you achieved in a previous position. Instead of saying thank you, or giving more background on you resolved the issue, your response is to treat it like it’s no

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How to Avoid Getting Hired by a Jerk

Most of us have, at least once, worked for a Class-A jerk. Maybe you’ve just quit working for one. Maybe you’re working for one now. In any event, you don’t want your next job to have that sort of boss…but how do you know beforehand? It’d be nice if we could look at a person

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Lost Your Job? Now’s the Time for New Habits

Experts will tell you that when you suddenly find yourself without a job, you should still keep up the routines you had when you were employed: go to bed at a reasonable hour, get up and dressed as if you were going to work, and the like. It’s good advice; we’ve offered it here on

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