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How to Avoid Getting Hired by a Jerk

Most of us have, at least once, worked for a Class-A jerk. Maybe you’ve just quit working for one. Maybe you’re working for one now. In any event, you don’t want your next job to have that sort of boss…but how do you know beforehand? It’d be nice if we could look at a person

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Lost Your Job? Now’s the Time for New Habits

Experts will tell you that when you suddenly find yourself without a job, you should still keep up the routines you had when you were employed: go to bed at a reasonable hour, get up and dressed as if you were going to work, and the like. It’s good advice; we’ve offered it here on

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10 Tips to Better Networking

Some people seem born to network. They love working the crowd, meeting new people, and pressing the flesh. Others–perhaps the majority–are uncomfortable with the idea. But in this day and age, networking can be a key to making the sale. “That’s great,” you say. “But I’m not in the business of selling.” Don’t you believe

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How to Handle Losing Your Job during the Holidays

Losing your job is always crushing; losing your job during the holidays–especially when you didn’t see it coming–can be emotionally crippling. It’s not just the idea of losing money in the midst of the buying season, although that is certainly bad enough. It’s also the feeling of isolation, like everyone around you is Santa Claus

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Finding Work in a Full Economy

The economy is–somewhat surprisingly, given the current world situation–strong, American confidence is high, and unemployment is at its lowest point in years. So why are so many people still having trouble finding a job? Well to start with, that isn’t a universal question. A year ago, job search site pointed out that out of

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The Interview Question You’re Never Ready to Answer

If you do any research at all before your job interview–and you had better–you’ve probably got some answers down pat: where you went to school, work history, greatest accomplishment, biggest challenge–the normal stuff. Then there are the weird one or two pet questions that every interviewer has. They might be trick questions, or maybe not.

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