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Should You Make Compromises in Your Job Search?

Compromise gets a bad rap sometimes, but it’s a huge part of what makes society work. For example, under ideal circumstances, government is all about compromise. Look at the Affordable Health Care Act, or Obamacare: The bill went through over 100 public hearings and received 161 amendments from opposing parties before it was passed. Nobody

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Laid Off? Consider Taking Some TIME Off.

Most people understand that taking a little time off now and then is good for you. But what if you’ve just been laid off or terminated? Surely your priority at that point should be finding another position, right? Actually, experts point out that it may take a little time to recover from the shock of

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Ready to Invest? Here’s Where to Get Started

You’ve probably seen powerful, high-profile investors and wondered “where did they get all of that money?” Well, even the biggest fish had to start somewhere. Some are born with it, but many others started out right where you are now. Everyone will agree that it’s best to start building your profile as soon as possible.

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5 Tips on Financial Survival for the Unemployed

If you were marooned on a desert island, not knowing if or when you would be rescued, what’s the first thing you would do? A lot of people would say look for food (because that’s how we think), but the reality is, water is more important. We tend to overlook something that simple because it’s

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How Long Should You Wait for Your Dream Job?

In a recent interview, entrepreneur Gary Cardone tells about an experience he had in his twenties. He’d been selling–of all things–bananas … which, to say the least, was not a good fit for him. So he quit. Most of us would be hesitant to take that kind of blind leap, but Cardone considered quitting a

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Dos and Don’ts If You Get Laid Off or Fired

In the Holmes and Rahe stress scale, being dismissed from a job is in the Top 10 most stressful events. Anyone who’s gone through it can relate. For anyone who hasn’t gone through–or is going through it now–we’ve compiled a few dos and don’ts to be aware of in the beginning. DO: Strap Down Your

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