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Finding Work in a Full Economy

The economy is–somewhat surprisingly, given the current world situation–strong, American confidence is high, and unemployment is at its lowest point in years. So why are so many people still having trouble finding a job? Well to start with, that isn’t a universal question. A year ago, job search site pointed out that out of

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The Interview Question You’re Never Ready to Answer

If you do any research at all before your job interview–and you had better–you’ve probably got some answers down pat: where you went to school, work history, greatest accomplishment, biggest challenge–the normal stuff. Then there are the weird one or two pet questions that every interviewer has. They might be trick questions, or maybe not.

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Would You Move to a Position that Pays LESS?

Being out of a job is bad enough, but when it seems like there are no openings out there at all, it can be particularly depressing. If you’re a blue-color worker who feels the job market is whacked, well, you’re not wrong: a report earlier this year by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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Targeting Your Resume for Success

In a perfect world, all of us would keep our resumes constantly updated, just in case. The reality is, most of us completely ignore that important piece of paper until the day we need it … which, incidentally, is just about the worst time to be working on it. Nobody likes writing a resume. Of

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Keeping On-task when You’re Not on a Schedule

For many people, one of the hardest aspects of being unemployed is staying focused. Despite our increasingly gig-oriented environment, society consistently trains us to respond to a 9-to-5, time clock mentality. When that suddenly isn’t present, unemployed persons often find them struggling to be productive. It almost sounds like a contradiction: with so much free

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5 Things You Should Never Bring to a Job Interview

There’s an anecdote about the late actress Shelley Winters that relates to job interviews. As the story goes, it took place late in her very remarkable career, when her agent sent her to meet a casting agent who was demanding an audition–a move she felt (with some justification) was beneath her. She goes down to

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