The Parachute Group is a networking group which meets each week.  At the meetings, job seekers share leads, resources, and vital information to help one another along in their search for the next job opportunity.  Volunteers from various employment agencies and job search experts from private and government agencies come in to present on topics ranging from internet job search strategies to networking skills.  Members choose the topics and the guests.

When an employee is faced with the news that he or she is being outplaced, what follows is often a sense of isolation and confusion.  It is common to want to stay at home and avoid human contact.  The last thing many of us want to do is face the prospect of getting out there to network. We know, however, that “getting out there” again is the only way to get through the transition.  To find that next job, we have to face the world head on, hold on to a positive attitude, meet new people and seek out new opportunities.

Often the first best place to start is with others who are going through – or have gone through – the same experience.  Meeting with other outplaced employees in the Buffalo area offers you a place to go each week and a forum for discussing your concerns, gathering information, sharing ideas and exchanging contacts.