Chargebacks911 Review: Business Essentials for Entrepreneurs

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Chargebacks911 Review: Business Essentials for Entrepreneurs

A group of entrepreneurs from The Parachute Group recently sat down with some of the experts from Chargebacks911™ to talk about the fact that what you don’t know, actually can hurt you.

We enjoyed the opportunity to learn about some of the pitfalls that entrepreneurs can encounter and wanted to share our Chargebacks911 review with our followers.

The Problem Chargebacks911 Identified

During our discussion, we learned that due to upheavals in the economy there are a rising number of entrepreneurs who are starting their own endeavors.

While this is great news for businesses, it can also be great news for people who engage in chargeback fraud. Chargeback fraud is something that few new entrepreneurs are aware of, and yet, it can significantly impact one’s career path.

Chargebacks cause a loss of revenue for merchants and can ultimately lead to a company’s inability to accept credit card payments, a huge blow in this ‘card friendly’ society.

The co-founders of Chargebacks911™ discovered this complication while operating their own online business. When they tried to reach out for help, there wasn’t a viable solution available on the market. There weren’t any chargeback experts to help them establish financial stability.


The Chargebacks911 Solution

According to the folks at Chargebacks911™, resources do exist to combat this growing problem, and they are able to increase profitability. Taking advantage of these resources allows the entrepreneur to eliminate preventable transaction disputes while fighting back against illegitimate chargebacks.

They told us about some simple ways to combat chargebacks and directed us to their blog for more information.

We also enjoyed learning more about the specific products and services the company offers.

  • Chargebacks911™ uses a combination of proprietary technologies and human forensics to detect the real reason for a chargeback.
  • They also provide a comprehensive analysis to help entrepreneurs avoid unnecessary chargebacks due to merchant errors.
  • The risk mitigation company’s tactical chargeback representment services have become the gold-standard for friendly fraud disputes.

The complete list of their services, including their guaranteed ROI program, is impressive and one of the best in the industry. Merchants are able to use their services on-demand (a feature that is helpful for the early years of a business) or have the option to fully outsource the task.

Our Chargebacks911 Review

Anyone who is considering starting a business needs to be aware of the issue of chargebacks. Specifically, it is important to know how chargebacks can de-rail your plans with a loss of revenue and a tarnished reputation with banks.

Establishing a relationship with a company such as Chargebacks911™ during the early stages of a startup can prevent multiple complications, some irreversible, down the road.

For more information about the services Chargebacks911 offers, contact them at:

630 Chestnut St.

Clearwater, FL 33756


Find them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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